Put Yourself First to Avoid Anxiety, Addiction and Burnout

Internationally recognized heart surgeon unmasks, through fascinating and inspiring heartwarming stories, how our healthcare system affects its workforce to challenge inner values and create “healthcare disease”; a newly defined illness associated with catastrophic consequences such as anxiety, addiction, and burnout.  

Perfection is endemic in the healthcare environment. The system that we have dedicated our life to is gradually eating our life away. In this book, Maltais allows us to understand using real-life inspiring stories that training, misguided references, maladapted interactions with the system, and increasingly demanding hours have created a perfect nidus to manifest healthcare disease. He thoroughly exposes how it can lead to personal, professional, and potential lifelong devastating consequences for healthcare workers, patients, and society.

In this eye-opening, core shattering, and inspiring book, Maltais lays bare the real source of anxiety, addiction, and burnout. He explains how our healthcare system and the way we interface with it can create a vicious cycle that directly impacts our entire system. Healthcare Anonymous describes:

  • HealthCare Disease: how the system getting you well is creating sick workers.
  • How high-intensity environments impact the delivery of care and the performance for our nation’s finest medical minds.
  • The symptoms of maladapted healthcare workers.
  • Findings of an in-depth compassionate case study on healthcare workers.
  • Simple steps to prevent, stop and heal from healthcare disease and breakthrough a better life


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Dr. Simon Maltais is a practicing cardiac surgeon in the United States. Born in Quebec in Canada, he is French Canadian and has a unique cultural perspective on the delivery of care and its inherent challenges. Before 40, Maltais has raised to lead 2 world-renowned programs in his specialty and has pioneered numerous novel approaches for advanced cardiac surgery interventions. He has published more than 160 articles and has contributed to numerous books. He leads a newly created physician-driven effort committed to helping and mentoring individuals struggling to function in high-intensity and high-demanding environments (Breakthrough Points). He has a special interest in mental health for healthcare workers. 

As the global pandemic has tested the core of our medical systems and pushed healthcare workers to their breaking point, Maltais exposes the fragility and vulnerability of our healthcare workforce. At times core shattering, Healthcare Anonymous is an “open heart” window written with a baffling humility. Maltais’ remarkable insight into a controversial and often forgotten topic of actuality provides an inspiring insight into our world’s largest industry.